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Share your world counselling service is situated in Basingstoke, Hampshire.


Our service offers an opportunity for people to talk to specialist trained counsellors, who are experienced in generic counselling and also have varying degrees of experience in specific fields.


Please see 'The counsellors' page for information on individual a counsellors & their qualifications


Counselling takes place in the above discreet setting for the comfort of clients with concerns around confidentiality.


We understand that for a large majority of people entering into counselling can be a daunting affair. They may have many questions about the counselling  process and what the outcome may be, we generally say:


"Counselling will give you the opportunity to be heard and really understood so you can explore any concerns, confusions or conflicts and the feelings you have around them."


Your counsellor is there to support in creating a safe space (specifically to suit you and your needs), therefore enabling you to find ways to manage difficulties and problems and to assist you in any changes in your life that are desired by you ."


We offer a FREE initial assessment appointment to enable you to see if you feel comfortable with the counsellor and to assess whether counselling support is what you need.

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